Nakam was born in 1985, in Iraq and he lives in Greece since 2017. He is of Kurdish origin and he has studied sculpture at Sulaymaniyah College of Fine Arts. He has voluntarily offered painting classes to refugee children and he is currently attending workshops at the Athens School of Fine Arts. During the past year, he has been working on the project “A boat on the water is beautiful. But the water in the boat is terrible”. This project, presents the artist’s perspective on the Refugee Issue; he creates postcards and sends them around the world until they reach 3,333 in number. He is the narrator of a true life story expressed with various symbols. Even though the concept of his art is mostly political, his works often portray images of great beauty and harmony. The most notable element of his painting is the predominant presence of light which gives a sense of a mystical landscape during dusk. In his words: “I make art to transform dirt into beauty, pain into joy”.

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