My selfie as a self-portrait

A Digital Art Education Workshop 

Content Curation: Eleni Salvara, Faisal Khodsuz, Myrto Stamatopoulou

Visual Identity: Maurice Nezamabadi

April 8th, 2022

University of West Attica, Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts

The digital art education workshop «My selfie as a self-portrait» was offered to the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts undergraduate students by our team in the context of the academic course «Photography as A Representation». 

The workshop aimed to provide information on the selfie photograph creation and how it can change into a visual artwork. How do I see myself through the photographic lens? What kind of facial and spiritual features do I want to use? Is it necessary to depict myself realistically and does my face need to be included? What is my aim for the final result? 

The visual artist and member of our team, Faisal Khodsuz, tried to answer these questions with the presentation of his artworks, through which he elaborated his thoughts on topics that concern him in his work.

On the occasion of this presentation, the participants created their own works, a sample of which you can find here.

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