Maurice Nezamabadi

Born in 2000 in Isfahan, Iran, Maurice arrived in Greece when he was 12 years old.
He lives and works in Athens in the Refugee sector, and he is also a parkour athlete, a physical and mental training discipline through which he feels completely free.
As an artist, he focuses on video art as he feels it is helping him to visualize his thoughts. Through his lens, he creates a new reality, a path from light to darkness and from darkness to light, in which he wants to entice the audience. He is fascinated by the urban nature and every dynamic movement that traces a route in the air.
He is also concerned with social and political issues such as the individual identity, the impact of traumatic events on mental health, and the positive mindset of people who overcome any obstacle and can conquer everything while having absolutely nothing. That is why he thinks of the image as a potential political expression that outlines the situation of refugees from the border routes to the bureaucracy vortex, and from there to the discovery of a new path.