Ioanna was born in 1971 in Athens where she lives and works as a Graphic Designer. She studied Political Science and International Relations at Panteion University, International Relations at the University of Amsterdam (MA) and European Law at the Catholic University of Louvain (LLM/Erasmus). She then went on to study Graphic Design at the University of Hertfordshire (BA). She is well experienced in the field of Advertising and New Product Development. In the field of her artistic research she seeks for the semiotics that can yield a basis of similarities between controversial shapes that would otherwise be unrelated. The aim of her work is the perception of the message from the receiver, using a global vocabulary of a universal language. Furthermore, she is interested in the use of color and its impact on the viewer, while she finds intriguing the way he interprets the symbols depending on perceptions he has shaped from his social context.

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