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I am my own muse

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Equality has no gender

genos project tonia ainot


Do I need to feel protected?

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I choose my choice

Genos project
A digital awareness campaign on gender-based violence and the current social status of gender
#genosproject #drawyourline

Content Curation: Eleni Salvara, Christina Pantelatou
Texts: Nicole Korontzi, Myrto Stamatopoulou
Visual artists:Tonia Ainot, Jameel Khan
Launching: June 17th, 2021

On the occasion of the #MeToo movement and the exposure of many survivors of gender-based violence on social media, LES ÉCARTÉS launched the GENOS PROJECT, a digital awareness campaign aiming to contribute to the massive effort taking place worldwide.

Our campaign follows up on the results of questionnaires distributed to a representative sample of respondents who fled to Greece from the Middle East. The publication of the results aimed at drawing attention to a different perspective on this major issue and to commence an interaction between different cultures and perceptions.