The artist was born in 1971 and currently resides in Crete where he works as a teacher of visual arts in the field of Special Education. He began his studies in Marketing & Management at Deree College and then moved to the field of Visual Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts. His work is defined by the blending of experiences or memories and academic knowledge. He builds images using unconscious memories emerging from his social environment. For this purpose, he is using various methods: painting, installation and Performance Art to create spaces with forms that originate from reality and which are being filtered in the process. In some cases, the main subject is the grand gap that exists between the matter and the spiritual world and the way consumer society can find enough psychological support to cope with it. This is a refined language that carries cathartic forms and symbols to the concept, which is being transferred in a post-human era, recreated as the remains of a time long lost.

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